Newborn Care


Welcoming a child into the world is an exciting time, and new parents want to do everything they can to ensure their baby thrives. Newborn care visits are an essential part of that process, and one of many services available from Michele Johnson-Towson, MD, of Pediatric Place in Tampa, Florida. If you’re searching for the best possible care for your newborn, come in and meet Dr. Johnson-Towson and her team. Scheduling takes just moments online or by phone.

Dr. Johnson-Towson

Frequently asked questions

What is newborn care?

Newborn care, also called well-baby visits, are appointments with your baby’s pediatrician that ensure your little one is happy and healthy. For new parents, these appointments are also an opportunity to ask questions and express any concerns about your child’s health.
Your baby’s first newborn care appointment will likely occur in the days after birth. You’ll frequently come in during the first year of your baby’s life and then the schedule of well-child visits will slow until simple annual checkups are all that’s needed unless an illness or injury occurs.

What happens during newborn care visits?

Each time you bring your baby in their height (length) and weight is recorded. That information facilitates developmental tracking. You’ll learn where your baby’s growth and development falls as compared to other children that share the same gender and age. There is a wide range of healthy development, but tracking growth over time allows your pediatrician to identify any areas of concern early. It also gives parents the peace of mind of knowing their little one is healthy. A physical exam is also part of the process. Some areas of focus include: Skin checks
Skull development
Heart and lung function
Joint development
Your child’s medical record includes all of the data collected during newborn visits. Vaccines are also part of newborn care, and Pediatric Place will administer them according to a schedule.

How can I best prepare for newborn visits?

New parents are often juggling many different responsibilities and aren’t always getting the sleep they need. If you have questions or would like to discuss any concerns, take a few moments to write down a list prior to your visit.
Pediatricians understand both the joys and challenges of parenthood, and are happy to sit down with you to discuss ways you can support your child’s health. Bringing in a list of questions is a great way to ensure you get the information you need.