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Does Your Child Need Care Now?

Kids can get sick or injured any time of day or night, and having access to your trusted pediatrician can make those challenges easier to weather. At Pediatric Place in Tampa, Florida, Michele Johnson-Towson, MD, offers after-hours services to the families in her care. If an issue arises after normal business hours, call the office to ask about after-hours availability and determine your next steps.

Any type of illness or injury to your child is of concern and often times it is necessary to seek immediate attention. Pediatric Place Tampa offers regular hours for urgent care, but, also provides after hours urgent care in Tampa at its Carrollwood practice.

In the case of serious illness or injury which maybe life threatening, it is probably best to go to the ER. But, if you feel it is not an emergency, Pediatrics Place would be happy to care for your infant, child, or young adult during office hours at our practice or After Hours Urgent Care as well.

The Benefit of After-Hours Care In Tampa, FL

Aside from the obvious benefit of being able to get your child or teen the immediate treatment and care they need when health problems arise, there is another major benefit to turning to a pediatrician who offers after-hours services. For one, you don’t have to rush to the closest urgent care or local hospital. Hospital visits are costly, and unless your child is dealing with a true medical emergency, a trip to the hospital is unnecessary and expensive. When it comes to treating non-life-threatening conditions, you can get the same quality care from your pediatrician that you could in a hospital.

Plus, when you have an after-hours pediatrician you have a doctor who understands and fully knows your child’s medical history. Carting them from one urgent care clinic to another can be stressful, as these doctors do not fully understand your child’s detailed medical history. By turning to your regular pediatrician for an after-hours appointment you can get the same great care you and your child are used to without the burden of dealing with new doctors who may not fully grasp the situation or your child’s health needs.

We know that symptoms can arise at any time and it can provide parents with peace of mind knowing that they can immediately call us any time to find out what steps to take next. Call Pediatric Place in Tampa, FL today at (813) 264-2288 to learn more about our after-hours care.

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