Annual Checkup

Pediatrician Examining Infant

Annual checkups are a foundation of your child’s overall health and wellness, and an excellent resource for parents. Michele Johnson-Towson, MD, of Pediatric Place in Tampa, Florida, enjoys providing outstanding annual checkups for the families who entrust her with their care. If your child is overdue for their annual exam, or if you’re looking for a new pediatrician, call or book an appointment online to meet Dr. Johnson-Towson and learn more about Pediatric Place’s approach to children’s health.

Dr. Johnson-Towson

Frequently asked questions

Why are annual checkups important?

Your child’s annual checkups are an essential part of their health care. These visits allow the Pediatric Place team to gather the information needed to track childhood development and screen for any areas of concern. During your child’s annual checkup, the team gathers a significant amount of data, including: Height
Breathing function
Heart rate and function
Skin condition
Muscle and reflex development
Dental development
These are just some of the areas where Pediatric Place collects information and places it into your child’s medical record. That record will eventually chart your child’s health and development over time and become an invaluable resource if a medical issue arises. A vaccination schedule review takes place at each annual exam. If needed, vaccines can be administered during your visit.

Are annual checkups necessary if my child isn’t sick?

Far too many parents only bring their child in to see the doctor after an illness or injury occurs. That is the worst possible approach and can cause a child to develop a negative perception about health care in general.
Think about it: When you’re sick or injured you aren’t exactly able to interact with others the same way you would on a normal day. You’re likely to be irritable, uncomfortable, scared, or fatigued. Your child feels exactly the same way and could come to associate a visit to the doctor with all those negative feelings.
Annual checkups allow the doctor to get to know your child when they are relaxed and feeling fine. Pediatric Place takes the time to build a trusting relationship, and that bond strengthens during each visit. When your child eventually needs to come in for a sick visit, they already know their pediatric team and feel comfortable in their care.
Checkups are also an opportunity for parents to ask questions and learn how they can best support their child’s health. That information is best shar