Reasons To Call Urgently

Doctor believes in picking up the phone and calling to go over any urgent matters which may concern you regarding the patient. Below is a checklist that may help...

Give the doc a call and let them know it is urgent if...

  • Any trauma that has occurred.

  • If a baby is less than 3 months of age and develops a rectal temperature of 100. 4 degrees F.

  • Behavioral changes such as refusing to take a bottle for more than 4 feeding sessions, listlessness, or uncontrollable crying.

  • Vomits repeatedly over 1/2 of the feeding.

  • Has frequent watery stools (greater than 4-5 a day), especially with blood or mucus.

  • Has pus, redness, odor around the cord.

  • Has a severe rash.

  • Any difficult or labored breathing, especially chocking, rapid breathing, excess coughing or appears to stop breathing.

  • Any seizure, continuous jerking or loss of consciousness

  • Parents feel angry, out of control with concern of child abuse.

Did you know that in Carrollwood and throughout the Tampa area Pediatric Place serves has After Hours Urgent Care?

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