Managing Asthma

Learn how to properly manage your child’s asthma with our help. 

Our Tampa, FL, pediatrician Dr. Michele Johnson-Towson at Pediatric Place of Tampa has helped countless children and teens find the proper medications and strategies to manage their asthma symptoms. Of course, it isn’t always as easy as one might think to spot the symptoms and signs of asthma. It may warrant a trip to our office if your child is displaying any of these symptoms, 

  • Gasping for air or having trouble breathing 
  • Shortness of breath 
  • Wheezing (or an audible whistling sound) when breathing in 
  • Complaining of tightness or pressure in their chest 
  • Symptoms that get worse with a cold or viral infection 
  • A chronic and persistent cough that may get worse at night 
  • Easily winded, tired and out of breath with physical activity 
  • Fatigue, especially if their symptoms keep them up at night 

It’s important to bring your child in for an evaluation if they display any of these asthma symptoms. Older children may be able to tell you that their “chest feels tight” or that they have trouble getting a full breath. Once your child has received a definitive diagnosis from one of our pediatricians, we can create a treatment plan to help them get their symptoms under control. 

What Does My Child’s Asthma Treatment Plan Include? 

To control asthma symptoms and prevent an attack, our Tampa, FL, pediatrician will most likely prescribe two types of medications,  

  • A daily, long-term medication: this reduces inflammation in the airways to lessen symptoms 
  • A fast-acting medication: only used when a child feels symptoms of an attack coming on, this quick-relief medication can prevent a full-blown attack by targeting the early warning signs right away.

Your child’s treatment plan will also include, 

  • Knowing their asthma triggers and avoiding these triggers as much as possible 
  • Recognizing the signs of an asthma attack and knowing how to respond 
  • Knowing when to get emergency treatment or to see a pediatrician for care 

Do you want to discuss your child’s current asthma treatment plan with our Tampa, FL, pediatrician? Want to make sure your child’s asthma is adequately controlled? If so, call Pediatric Place of Tampa at (813) 264-2288.

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