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Kids (and Teens) Can Set New Years Resolutions Too!

Healthy New Years Resolutions for Kids

The new year is often a time for resolutions. This can be anything from getting healthier, to getting a new job, to forgiving someone you’ve wronged. But what about kids?

Kids can also make New Years resolutions. It teaches them discipline and goal setting. It may also help to provide a list of possible goals and resolutions that they can stick to— and provide incentive for them to achieve each goal. Examples for healthy New Years resolutions can include:

  • Going outside for at least 30 minutes a day
  • Cutting down screen time
  • Getting in a new fruit or vegetable with each meal

In Tampa, there are lots of places for kids to get out and get healthy in the New Year. Visit Tampa Bay has lots of suggestions for things the entire family can do together in the New Year. One example is Adventure Family Motorsports. Families can come together and ride dirt bikes— which allow for fun time together while getting outside.

Another nature fueled activity you can do with your kids is the Boyd Nature Preserve and Education Center in St. Petersburg. If you’re looking for an option that you can do for free— Tampa has lots of trails for walking and running. You can also go down to the Riverwalk and enjoy the outdoors there. It’s important to keep kids active and away from screens as much as possible. Another great way to get kids improving their health is cooking. There’s lots of healthy recipes you can make with your kids— or have them make themselves! Everything from a veggie or fruit salad— to healthy toast and rollups. Weelicious has over a dozen easy recipes you can make with your kids— and you can help them get in on the entire process from grocery store to plate.

If your child is a picky eater— there are plenty of ways to incorporate fruits and veggies into other foods. You can substitute pasta noodles for zucchini or squash noodles— or blend vegetables into the cheese sauce for Mac and cheese. You can add fruit or vegetables as a side to nearly any entree. There’s also protein aside from meat and fish— like beans or other plant proteins— that provide alternative options. Getting them involved in the cooking process allows them to know what they’re eating as it’s being made— as well as try new foods they may not be familiar with. Encourage them to make their plate colorful— with plenty of good, whole foods to fill them up and keep them away from cakes, cookies, and other sugary foods. There’s also ways you can sub out the processed snacks in their lunches or snack time for healthier options. Things like nuts, whole grain crackers with cheese, and other healthy finger foods can allow them to snack healthy without reaching for chips or candy at snack time.

As an alternative to sugary drinks and juices— opt for things like fruit infused water. You can even use sparkling water if your kids still want the bubbly taste. You can infuse the water with things like strawberry, kiwi, or lemon and cucumber. It gives them the fruity taste of fruit juices— without the added sugar. If you have a dog— encourage your kids to get out and play with them. Have your child walk the dog or throw the ball around the yard or dog park. It gets the dog moving— and teaches your child responsibility at the same time. If you want to get your kids moving— there are great ways to do that! You can take them outside and walk with them— or do things like ride bikes and yoga. It’s important to keep them moving at least 30 minutes a day. If they want to opt for something a little more impact— swimming is a great option. You can check out a community pool or a natatorium and get them enjoying the water— while getting their exercise. Other fun outdoor sports to do with kids include tennis, soccer, or even kickball! Dance or mat pilates classes are also a great option. You can find videos online through Youtube or a subscription service like Peloton. If it’s winter time and it’s chillier outside— still encourage them to get outside and enjoy the fresh air if only for a minute. Midday to early evening is when it’s warmest outside— so that’s the best time to get kids outside when the temperature starts to drop in the winter time. If it’s a cold or wintery day— there are activities you can do to get the kids moving without going outside. Bowling, laser tag, and other activities to do with the whole family can get everyone moving without going outside. You can also teach them to paint, draw, or write. This gets them off screens and allows them to be creative.

Another great way to get your kids outside and enjoying a new activity— is by starting a garden outside your home. If you’re in an apartment— you can do this on your patio or terrace. If you have a yard— you can set up the garden in your front or backyard. There are all kinds of plants that can be grown from home. This includes plants that can hang. This can teach them about plants they may not be familiar with— while allowing them a new activity. There are lots of ways to get your kids up and moving. Getting them into healthy habits in the new year is a great way to teach them discipline and healthy habits they can carry with them into adulthood.

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