After Hours


Kids can get sick or injured any time of day or night, and having access to your trusted pediatrician can make those challenges easier to weather. At Pediatric Place in Tampa, Florida, Michele Johnson-Towson, MD, offers after-hours services to the families in her care. If an issue arises after normal business hours, call the office to ask about after-hours availability and determine your next steps.

Dr. Johnson-Towson

Frequently asked questions

Why is after-hours care so important?

There are many things you can fit into the course of a normal day, but illness and injury don’t adhere to any predetermined schedule. Parents need to know that their child has access to a trusted pediatric specialist, even if a need arises outside of normal business hours. As a parent, you shoulder a number of responsibilities to keep your child safe and healthy. Knowing you can turn to your pediatrician for after-hours services gives you the peace of mind that comes with planning for the unexpected. What are some medical issues that can be treated in after-hours care?
Most pediatric services can be delivered during normal business hours. Well-child visits, immunizations, school or sports physicals, and a number of other needs are easy to schedule and take care of. After-hours care is a resource that covers the unexpected. Some of the medical issues after-hours care can address include: Fever
Abdominal pain
Minor burns
Minor lacerations
Ear infection
Urinary tract infection
Allergic reactions
Vomiting or diarrhea
Sore throat
Sprains and strains
These are just some of the needs that can arise after the close of business

Why not go to the emergency room or urgent care?

Emergency rooms are for urgent medical needs that cannot be addressed in another setting. They are also not the most pleasant place to be for a child who’s feeling bad and parents who are anxious and under stress. An ER waiting room is often filled with sick and injured people, and if your child’s medical needs are not urgent, you can spend a significant amount of time waiting to be called.
Urgent care is a more appropriate setting for medical needs that require prompt treatment but aren’t life threatening. However, it’s still an unfamiliar setting and your child will see medical professionals who are strangers. You’ll be in and out, with little in the way of follow-up care.
In most cases, the best resource for your child’s health needs is their pediatrician.